Why, hello there.

I did it.

Bit the bullet, and I finally did it.

I started…a blog.

People have been bugging asking me for years to start a blog for my photography, and now that we live 600 miles (658 miles, to be exact) from “home” aka San Jose, California, I suppose it might be time. Sigh. I’m terrible at keeping up with these things, so let me apologize now.

My name, for those who aren’t clear on whose blog they are reading, is Ashley. I am married, and we have two lovely children. We recently (as in 17 days ago) moved from San Jose, California to Nampa, Idaho. My husband went to school back in 2007 for heavy equipment, and was never able to apprentice in California. So 7 years later…here we are! He works for a mass-earth moving company, so he basically plays with giant Tonka trucks all day long. 🙂

It’s been a bit of a hard adjustment. I had a lot of friends back home, and leaving them and our families was pretty hard. We were involved in our church, and leaving the ministries I took 5 years cultivating was especially difficult. But God is good, and since we made the decision to move, He has been reminding me and showing me that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever – AND in California OR Idaho. He is always faithful, and merciful. SO many things have fallen into place and been just delightful “coincedences” which obviously means, they aren’t. Our new church is lovely, and so welcoming, and SET UP JUST LIKE OUR OLD ONE. I joined the Christmas choir, and starting a bible study in later September.

Lots of young families at our church. I look forward to making friends in the coming months! I’ll try and update this once a week…we shall see.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Why, hello there.

  1. Yay! (For the new church awesomeness.) I know the pain of moving away from friends and family (done it twice!), but new adventures are good for family bonding, and as you found out, learning more about God’s faithfulness. Thanks for blogging!


  2. Can’t wait to follow you adventures here! I hope there will be some photography side shows as well 😉 Your new prairie life should make a beautiful backdrop for pictures! Stay strong in the Lord girl!!!


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